Frequently Asked Questions About Leavers WA

Being the longest standing Leavers provider in Western Australia, we provide seamless organisation of Leavers accommodation and packages. Knowing the ins and outs of Leavers can be challenging so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. These questions will help you understand the process of booking and travelling to Leavers in WA. If your question is not answered, please get in touch and one of our knowledgeable staff will assist you.

  • What is Leavers? 
    Leavers is a celebration for students graduating high school. It happens all around Australia. Most students in Western Australia celebrate Leavers in Dunsborough, Busselton, Rottnest Island or Bali.  (In the east cost of Australia, this event is referred to as Schoolies Week. Popular Schoolies destination include the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Fiji and Vanuatu.
  • When is Leavers in Dunsborough and Busselton?
    Leavers 2020 (22 Nov – 27 Nov 2020)
    Leavers 2021 (21 Nov – 26 Nov 2021)
  • When is Leavers on Rottnest Island? 
    No official events take place in Rottnest Island. 
  • Where does the Leavers parties happen? (Leavers Zone)
    Traditionally, WA Police have organised the Leavers Entertainment Zone in Dunsborough. 
  • What time does the buses travel to the parties at the Leavers Entertainment Zone?
    The bus schedule (on the free bus route) usually starts from 6PM and runs every 10 minutes. If you are returning from the Leavers Zone, the last bus departs at 1AM.  (As timetables and scedules are likely to change, please consider this only as a rough guide.)
  • Can we pre-purchase Leavers Zone tickets? Are they included in the cost of our accommodation booking? 
    Tickets to the Leavers Zone are to be purchased separately. The Zone is organised by the WA Police and tickets are typically available to be purchase in person on arrival on your first day of Leavers. (Not pre-purchased).
  • How much does it cost to buy tickets to the Leavers Entertainment Zone?
    The usual cost is $110 per person. The final price is determined upon the ticket release in a given year.
  • When should we lock in Leavers with Sure Thing Leavers? 
    Some groups lock in their Leavers up to 18 months before they graduate to get access to the best Leavers hotels and resorts. As soon as you have your group and know where you want to stay, you should search and send a booking request. The early bird always gets the worm!
  • Is alcohol permitted for Leavers?
    The legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years. All states and territories prohibit people under this age to purchase alcohol or consume alcohol in licensed premises or in public places. Furthermore, alcohol is generally not permitted at most Leavers accommodation venues. The official Leavers Zone in Dunsborough is an alcohol free area, irrespective of your age. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Leavers Accommodation Booking

  • What are the responsibilities of the Leavers Group Organiser/Team Leader?  
    As the group organiser/team leader you are responsible for letting your group know about the booking, when payments are due and other important information about your booking. You can nominate a group member or a parent to be the organiser. 
  • How do I book Leavers accommodation with Sure Thing Leavers? 
    Booking your Leavers with Sure Thing is easy! Simply go to the destination you want to book. Look over the different accommodation options. When you find one that suits your group and your budget, follow the prompts through the booking request process. To get started, click the following link - Leavers Accommodation Search
  • What is included in the Leavers package? 
    All Leavers packages include accommodation. Some packages have other inclusions such as a BBQ dinners or breakfast. These details will be provided upon your booking request.
  • How do I pay the Leavers deposit? 
    When you have made a booking request you will receive an email that will contain a unique link to the payment page. Share this with your mates so everyone can go in and pay their deposits. 
  • How do I select my room configuration? Who sleeps in which room?
    The group will get their room allocation, however, we don’t select the guest’s configurations within their group.
  • When is the rest of the payment for Leavers due? 
    Leavers final payment is due 90 days before check-in, usually around the 1st of August. These details will be provided to you when you make the booking. 
  • How do I make further payments or the final payment? 
    You can make additional payments towards your reservation at any time by using the unique payment link. Final payment is also completed through this link. 
  • How can I view my booking? 
    You can view your booking by clicking on the unique payment link. You can also view your booking details by logging in to My Profile area.
  • What is the Bond Reduction option?
    As cash is tight for many Leavers, Sure Thing provides a service where you can reduce your bond to $100, which is very helpful as many Leavers bonds are $500 per person. The following are examples depending on the bond required from the accommodation partner. Please Note: You are still fully liable to pay for any damage/excessive cleaning caused. This service just helps you with the upfront bond cost where required so that you don’t miss out on Leavers.
    $500 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $80)
    $300 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $40)
    $250 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $30)
    $200 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $20)
  • What happens if I don’t pay my payment on time? 
    If payment is not received by the payment deadline, you will incur a $25 late fee. We will make contact with you and if payment is still not received within 14 days, there will be additional late fee penalties incurred. Not ideal - it’s best to just pay on time. 
  • Can I cancel my Leavers booking once it is confirmed? 
    If you wish to cancel your booking, please note that all Leavers bookings are non-refundable. 
  • What happens if one of my friends wants to cancel their spot in our booking? 
    That is fine, you can either reduce the amount of people in the room and each person has to pay more to cover the cost of the friend’s spot, or you can find a replacement friend and change the name for a small fee. 
  • Can I make a name change if someone wants to pull out but we have someone to replace them? 
    Yes, this is the suggested option. We can arrange name changes for a small fee. 
  • Can our group move to a different hotel once we have booked? 
    Yes, this is possible and depends on the availability at the other hotel. There is a small fee to change hotels as well as any difference in resort costs. 
  • Do we need travel insurance? 
    For peace of mind, travel insurance is always highly recommended for any travel domestically or internationally. We offer great travel insurance options to cover you if you need to cancel, or if there are any unforeseen issues over Leavers. Contact us to find out more.
  • When will we receive our travel documents? 
    All travel documents and important information about your hotel and check-in will be sent to you at least 2 weeks before Leavers starts. Everyone in each group will receive this, not just the group organiser.  
  • What is the check-in and check-out time at the accommodation?
    Check-in times vary from accommodation to accommodation. This will also be confirmed in your confirmation email and pre-leavers documentation.
  • How do I claim my bond back?
    Bond claims are processed 14 days after check out. Everyone will receive an email when you can claim your bond. You will need to have your Booking ID to make this claim. 

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