Leavers Information For Parents & Guardians

Is your son or daughter getting ready to finish high school and looking to attend to Leavers? This can be an overwhelming time for many parents. It may be the first time your child is going away without you and without adult supervision. Sure Thing Leavers is here to dispel some of your anxiety and worry about Leavers.

Sure Thing Leavers has been guiding both students and parents through Leavers for 14 years with a 100% safety record. We take the stress out of arranging Leavers by offering a variety of official accommodation providers that offer a safe, relaxed and fun environment for your child and their friends.

  • Leavers Accommodation Safety & Security
    • All Leavers booked through Sure Thing will receive a wristband at check-in which identifies them to their accommodation. This wristband is used by the accommodation provider or dedicated security personal to ensure that non-guests are not allowed in to the accommodation venue. This has been implemented to ensure the safety of the students.
    • Each accommodation venue has a set of 'House Rules' which each student needs to abide by. 
  • Sure Thing Leavers Hotline
    • ​For all students that book through Sure Thing, they will be given a Leavers Hotline number which they can call at anytime over Leavers. Another initiative to ensure that no student ever finds themself in danger and they have a support network looking out for them every step of the way. 
  • Commitment by WA Police
    • During the official Leavers dates, WA Police and partner Government organisations stage the Leavers Entertainment Zone. This is a drug and alcohol free environment where your son or daughter can party in to the night fully supervised.
  • Checklist for parents before Leavers
    We've developed an easy to use checklist to help you feel more comfortable about your son or daughter heading off to Leavers. 
    1. Make sure they have booked with an official Leavers accommodation provider.  
    2. Get a copy of their accommodation voucher/travel documents, including the dates of the booking and the address of the accommodation venue.
    3. Discuss the accommodation requirements with your child, including the house rules, who they are staying with, how they are getting there and what parties they will be attending.
    4. Ask for a contact list of the group, so you can always contact someone within the group.
    5. Work with your child on a budget for their Leavers trip. (Leavers Zone ticket, meals, fuel, transport and general spending money.)
    6. Ensure that your child knows they can always contact you if they are in trouble or need to chat. Having an open and honest relationship with your child may help in an emergency.
    7. Talk through safety and the law with your child so they are aware of basic rules around drinking.
    8. Download the Leavers app so you have the same information as your child.
    9. Look over the ‘how to prep for leavers’ checklist with your child.
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